Concert for Calais, June 5, 2016 Berkeley

Bay Area music lovers: Come to Concert for Calais June 5th, 2016 4:00-5:15 pm.

World Harmony Chorus and World Harmony Ensemble will sing stunning a cappella songs from Iraq, Haiti, Quebec, Argentina, Bulgaria, and Galicia. Betsy Blakeslee will briefly describe Expressive Arts Refuge’s program in Calais Jungle refugee camp, France. Paintings about the migrant crisis by Verona Fonte will be on display.

Epworth Church, 1953 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA

WHC Freight 15 copy

$10-20 free-will donation. 100% of funds will buy necessities for refugee youth and adults in the Calais refugee encampment. We’ll work with Refugee Youth Services, Hummingbird Art Center, and Refugee Info Bus in the camp to determine the most useful items to buy. We’ll hand-deliver them to mostly unaccompanied minors in July 2016.

Thanks for passing this along to people looking for a way to donate to recent refugees from Syria, the Middle East, and Africa.

Author: earefuge

I direct EAR (Expressive Arts Refuge) whose work focuses on refugee youth in France and Greece. At home in Oakland, California, I direct World Harmony Chorus and World Harmony Ensemble.

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