Concert for Calais raises $1100

Concert for Calais in Berkeley, California raised $1095 for refugees at Calais Jungle refugee camp in northern France. Within a couple days, this sum will appear in gofundme. Donations will continue on that site as long as Expressive Arts Refuge runs programs for refugees. All donations buy things for refugees. EAR volunteers pay their own expresses (food, lodging, transportation, rental car).

The photo below is World Harmony Ensemble at Concert for Calais. It performed Fog Elna Khel from Iraq/Syria and other a cappella world music. The three in the bottom row right are Expressive Arts Refuge singers. Tawfic Halaby (flanked by Kym Mc Court and me, Betsy Blakeslee) is bringing two siblings who also speak Arabic. Verona Fonte’s digital painting from her series about the migrant crisis graces the top of the photo. World Harmony Chorus performed its beautiful diverse repertoire. It’s my privilege to direct both choruses and EAR. Photo by Ken Rice.


Author: earefuge

I direct EAR (Expressive Arts Refuge) whose work focuses on refugee youth in France and Greece. At home in Oakland, California, I direct World Harmony Chorus and World Harmony Ensemble.

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