Refugees perform at conference in Saint Malo, France

I am so proud I could burst.

Ready to leave for the conference in Saint Malo, France

Refugee actors from Calais Jungle performed their original play for an audience of 450 at Caritas International Youth Conference. The play about their journey by boat from Egypt to Italy, their abuse by Italian police, and their tenuous relationship to France moved the audience.

Actors from Calais Jungle perform their play
Compare the synchronized movement of the actors here in their performance to an earlier post during rehearsal


The theme of the conference was migrants. Refugees from Calais Jungle stole the show, event after event: They taught Farsi and Arabic; Iranian filmmakers screened their documentary; Sudanese musicians brought down the house with a performance of traditional songs; a Sudanese leader – also a refugee in Calais Jungle — laid out the current conditions in this unofficial tent city.

Inspiring teacher of Arabic
Oh so talented Sudanese singer

Living in conditions that are increasingly dense, dreary, unhygienic, and underserved, they rallied.

Thank you, Hisham Aly at Caritas, for folding me into your extraordinary vision, and for demonstrating the skillful dance of mentoring people from a culture previously unknown to me.

Celebrating a triumphant performance of the play To Be Or Not

To donate funds that will help refugees survive the cold autumn, please give to Expressive Arts for Refugees on

Author: earefuge

I direct EAR (Expressive Arts Refuge) whose work focuses on refugee youth in France and Greece. At home in Oakland, California, I direct World Harmony Chorus and World Harmony Ensemble.

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